Welcome to FlickeringPixelz.com

Hello and welcome to FlickeringPixelz.com. This is a new and upcoming web show where content will flow hopefully sooner rather than later. We have plenty of ideas on the horizon and hope to entertain you in all forms of manner be it laugh, cry, sadness or overjoyed, as long as we get a reaction that’s […]

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A Quickie Review – Fortnite

Here’s our review of THA GREATEST GAME EVAZ! Fortnite! If we could give this 8763897648/10 we would!

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A Quickie Review – Horizon Chase Turbo

Here’s our review of the awesome Horizon Chase Turbo!!!

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A Quickie Review – Detroit: Become Human

Here is our video review of the amazing game Detroit: Become Human

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A Quickie Review – Borderlands 3

And here is our review of Borderlands 3

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