FP – Spider-Man

New episode up, hope you all enjoy, it was a blast to film πŸ˜€ Really enjoyed myself with this one. Took a little longer, but hey-ho it’s done now πŸ˜€Ciao for now you beautiful creatures!

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TopsieZ – Top 10 Games from E3 2019

Have fun you beautiful peoplez!

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FP – Anime Games

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNl_zbQokn0&t Thanks to WatashiMo! for helping me with this episode!Remember to watch with Subtitles! English & Spanish available! Much culture
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New Show: TopsieZ – Part 1 & 2 of My All Time Fave Games

Hi there everybody, so I decided to start another show to try and bring more content…took a little longer than it should’ve because of a few issues with YouTube and other behind the scene stuff. But I’m already working on another episode of the main “”Flickering Pixelz” series πŸ˜› (Already recorded, just needing to edit […]

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FP – Mazes Of Fate

Hope you enjoy…or not!

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FP – Driver

Episode 03 guys!Hope you enjoy, and if not, sorry…you can contact me here at:HearMyComplaintYouUselessPieceOfCrap@UGotMail.co.org.uk.com.wiki Remember to Have A Nice Day πŸ˜€

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FP – Super Soccer

Sorry it took so long…technical hitches.Already working on Episode 3 with my buddy in crime! C’ya soon! (Hopefully)…

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Flickering Pixelz – El’ Viento

Hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to FlickeringPixelz.com

Hello and welcome to FlickeringPixelz.com. This is a new and upcoming web show where content will flow hopefully sooner rather than later. We have plenty of ideas on the horizon and hope to entertain you in all forms of manner be it laugh, cry, sadness or overjoyed, as long as we get a reaction that’s […]

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