Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII remaster.  That’s right a remaster of THE greatest Final Fantasy game. Right that’s this review done go play the game! Ok so its not, but whatever you do after reading this you should definitely get yourself a copy of the remastered game.  You will not be disappointed.  Final Fantasy VIII is a […]

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Spotlight: Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein. The series that seems to never die. A bit like the main protagonist BJ Blazkowicz throughout the many iterations of the series. There are many people who would confess to be ‘gamers’ and not know the significance and importance of the Wolfenstein franchise in modern day gaming especially to FPS and stealth genre games. […]

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Spotlight: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is as the name suggests the second game in the series developed by Omega Force and Square Enix. It follows on from the success of the original Dragon Quest Builders that blended RPG elements from the Dragon Quest JRPG games with a Minecraft-esque block builder to create a hidden gem of […]

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Spotlight: Sea of Solitude

Sea of Solitude is the brain child of Cornelia Geppart and her team at Jo-Mei Games. It is published by EA under its new department at EA Originals. It is the second release by EA Originals following the success of Fe last year. It is released today. The game is a beautiful and imaginative story […]

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TopsieZ – Top 10 Games from E3 2019

Have fun you beautiful peoplez!

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FP – Anime Games Thanks to WatashiMo! for helping me with this episode!Remember to watch with Subtitles! English & Spanish available! Much culture
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New Show: TopsieZ – Part 1 & 2 of My All Time Fave Games

Hi there everybody, so I decided to start another show to try and bring more content…took a little longer than it should’ve because of a few issues with YouTube and other behind the scene stuff. But I’m already working on another episode of the main “”Flickering Pixelz” series 😛 (Already recorded, just needing to edit […]

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FP – Mazes Of Fate

Hope you enjoy…or not!

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FP – Driver

Episode 03 guys!Hope you enjoy, and if not, sorry…you can contact me here Remember to Have A Nice Day 😀

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